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Thinking about upgrading your Accounting software?

Not sure where to begin when it comes to comparing business accounting packages? Wondering whether or not you actually need to upgrade your software?

Changing your accounting system can be a daunting process however if you really do need to make a change often not taking the next step can lead to costly inefficiencies and ongoing problems in your business.

Not sure if you need to upgrade...

Here are some questions that can help you decide whether you really do need to upgrade or not.

  1. Have the number of staff you employ grown significantly? Are you now employing more than 18 full time staff members? If so perhaps your starter or base level software can no longer keep up.
  2. Is your business experiencing significant growth either single or double digit growth?
  3. Are you using a host of software products to deal with your day to day operations and are you double handling data using multiple Excel spreadsheets?
  4. Are you finding it increasingly difficult and time consuming to get the financial and business information you need out of the current business Accounting package you are using?
  5. Is your current system running very slowly or difficult to upgrade?

If you answered yes to most of these questions then you may need to consider moving to a new system that better meets your business needs.

Tencia - Accounting Management Software

Tencia is a powerful, fully integrated accounting software solution, with flexible general ledger and comprehensive set of financial reports. Tencia can help you prepare your BAS and automatically reconcile your accounts but also has sophisticated features to deal with advance stock management requirements, foreign currencies, landed costs and special pricing requirements.

Tencia Business Accounting Package-Helping you manage your growing business

Tencia can help you manage your day to day operations of a business however it also offers specialist features that are suitable to organisations in the warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and professional services industries.

Arrow software allows you to:

The Tencia business accounting package includes:

Core modules

Specialist Modules

With the Tencia Payroll module you can easily process pays, print payslips, Annual PAYG Payment Summaries and a keep track of various staff entitlements. Perhaps you need to track your sales orders better or your business has expanded internationally so you now need to be able to deal with foreign currencies.

Over 20 years of experience in accounting software solutions

Tencia has been developed by Arrow Research Corporation. Arrow is a proven Accounting and Business Management software provider with over 20 years of experience with customers throughout Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom. We specialise in the development of financial and Business Management software solutions specifically for small to medium sized businesses.

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